Reviews and Quotes

“Outstanding clash of tradition and contemporary sounds; free jazz and spontaneous ritual convention. Phenomenal Baliphonics concert during 2018 Radio Asia Festival.”

Radio Azja Festival, Poland


“Building incrementally, the music literally swirled and eddied around us. As it reached a crescendo, Susantha leapt from the stage, as if possessed, and ran around the darkened auditorium, stopping at various points to ritually exorcise demons from the space.”

Des Cowley, Australian Jazz


“Smuggling the authenticity of Sri Lankan traditional music in yesterday’s performance of Baliphonics as part of Radio Asia Festival deserves to be called a great success. Despite the international (Sri Lanka-New Zealand) cooperation, there was no trace of a false dialogue of cultures, nor any folk art or show ‘from far away’ … A slightly demonic character appeared during the performance, especially during the clear culmination, when the performer Susantha Rupathilake moved his ecstatic dance from the stage to the audience, celebrating an ‘exorcism’ just above the bodies of several listeners.”

Joanna Zabłocka, Glissando


That ritual aims to heal through warding off the evil intentions of planetary gods, so it’s not a music to take lightly. Baliphonics hold onto that seriousness despite their innovation.”

Jim Hickson, 365 Good Albums


“Dancer and singer Susantha Rupathilaka moved like fire. It was as if he never touched the ground, conducting the ensemble (percussion, drums and double bass) through the time and meter changes not with head or hands, but feet.”

Brian Allen


“The experience felt both avant-garde and traditional. There are very few bands that bring traditional music into contemporary art without it being cliché or token. Baliphonics have managed to take a fading cultural ritual and give new life and grounds for it to flourish and continue.”

Shafni Awam


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